100% Ethical White-Hat Practices

OptimumSolutions practices 100% ethical/white-hat search engine optimisation and marketing strategies and tactics. For us this is EXTREMELY important because if a search engine determines that a web site is using unethical/black hat techniques the search engine will simply de-index (drop) the offending web site from its index – what does this mean in plain English?

If you were listed on the first page of Google and you suddenly have search up to page 60 , then your site has been dropped and hence there will be a huge reduction in the amount of traffic and leads you receive.


The search engines treat the following search engine optimisation techniques as malicious attempts to trick their users, in other words, Black Hat techniques or SPAM.

OptimumSolutions DO NOT use or promote them:

  • “door way” pages generated automatically by software
  • IP cloaking
  • dummy redirects
  • stuffing keywords into pages
  • hidden text
  • hidden links
  • irrelevant words added to pages
  • pages containing duplicated content
  • mis-spelling of well-known brand names
  • linking to/with-in link farms
  • and any other methods that try to trick the search engines

Your web site’s natural search engine rankings are too precious to risk using the above techniques. No matter what you read or are told, do NOT use them, and walk away from any SEO firm that advises you these techniques are suitable.