OptimumSolutions offers only the very latest in Cpanel Control Panels and server technology so as to make your hosting experience as enjoyable and productive as possible. Our hosting team is proactively involved on a daily basis, keeping servers and software up to date with the latest stable versions thus ensuring you the most secure hosting environment we know how.

Major Networks

Our backbone connectivity is nothing less than stunning. Our data centers connect to the internet via multiple gigabit fiber optic cables.

Our hosting server platform is on a different dedicated website. When you click on any of the buttons below you will be taken there – same company, same service, better to serve you.



We have our own dedicated server:

  • User friendly cPanel control panel
  • Standard hosting packages
  • Custom hosting package
  • Dedicated IP for your domain
  • Dedicated server (own your own)
  • Web hosting reseller


We are hosting with global top end server owners that do not ever compromise on quality.

Uptime Guarentee

We guarantee an uptime of 99.99% per month.


We have very friendly & efficient staff standing by to help you, anytime of the day.

SSL – Secure Socket Layer

Optimum Solutions now offers you the protection you need – whether you have a website or just  emails.

Google now also requires websites to be secure and they have recently started listing websites as insecure connections if you do not have SSL enabled on your website.

What is SSL?

SSL is the acronym for Secure Socket Layer and is often used interchangeably with the term TLS – Transport Layer Security. Both are cryptographic protocols that help encrypt communications over a computer network. Typically, if a website wanted to encrypt the transmission of its data between the server and the client, they would purchase an SSL certificate that contains an encryption key that is placed on the server.

Why install SSL?

  • Google will rank you higher.
  • Safely accept credit cards and other sensitive information on your website.
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Connections is private
  • You can setup your emails on  SSL as well

Remember – SSL is not an anti hacking system, you still have to have systems in place to protect your websites from hackers.

We now offer SSL for all our hosting clients.

The cost to install SSL on your domain is FREE and is included in our hosting package.