How mobile is your website?

How mobile is your website?

is your website mobile friendly?There is more cellphone numbers than people in South Africa. 70 % of people in South Africa do not have landlines at home. More than 40% of Internet web browsing is through smart phones, because it is cheaper than normal ISP access. The statistics speak for itself, and it is changing monthly, dramatically!

People are browsing the Internet on their smartphones for local information, the question is, can they find your website but most importantly, can they see your website on their smartphones?

It is pointless to have a fantastic website with all the bells and whistles but if it take forever to load on a smartphone. We are not talking about 3G phone, most of the smartphones only have EDGE and slower connections.

How can we help?

  • We can do an assessment for free.
  • We can then consult you on the best way forward
  • We will build a mobile website for you so that mobile users will find you.

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